Our new president

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Tonight I’m sending good thoughts to Barack Obama and his family.

May they all be safe and well and happy.

And may we all remember that President Obama is, after all, a man and not a god.

There’s a lot wrong with this country, and we are all looking to Barack to change things.

So remember folks, he’s a man, and give him some time.

And tonight I’m praising Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and all the saints, because it’s finally the last night that President Bush will be in the Oval Office.


And if you are reading this, and you are a Republican, I’m sorry your guy didn’t win.

But many of us have been waiting eight (really long) years for this day.

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  1. AmenAmenAmen!!!!Aloha, Gran-


  2. I agree with you in total.What a grand day.


  3. YES INDEED a new day has dawned!!AMEN and GOD protect President Obama and his family!! 🙂Have a good week B!!


  4. Hallelujiah Gran!!!!


  5. Today is a good day. A hopeful day. A joyful day. A positive day. Yes we can, rings through the land.Amen.


  6. Thanks Cloudia, Dakota Bear, Caroldee, Lilly, and Aerie-el. It’s been a long, really long eight years!


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