Use your local library, Gran

I took this picture of the Central Branch of The Seattle Public Library yesterday, as a reminder to myself: Don’t buy books, use your library!

I’m planning on moving this summer, to be in the same neighborhood as my son and his family.

So I’m saving for the move, and a 2010 vacation to Washington, D.C.

I love to buy new books, used books, any books.

So I’m going to (try) using my local library more.


I hope it works!

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  1. I find myself using my local library more often now that I have more time to go there. This past week I even checked out a few movies.But, I will still be buying books as well.


  2. Honestly? I will be buying books also. Hopefully not as many 🙂Thanks for the comment, Dakota Bear.


  3. I do genealogy when I can so I miss the Fort Wayne library a whole bunch,it has the biggest stash this side of Salt Lake City.


  4. Sounds like a great library, Floyd!


  5. I used to spend quite a bit of money on books – I justified as my guilty indulgence and entertainment and great value for my money since I share with hubby and friends etc. I still buy books but they are likely to be ones I want to keep – I use my used book store for paperbacks and old editions of authors I want to read and I am using my library more for new books I really don’t want to keep. Our library isn’t all that great either although I can go downtown and use Burlington’s library… nah. BUT I’m still trying to spend less where I can, too


  6. Hey Fran, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ve had trouble commenting on your blog; I’m sure that I will work it out soon! Hope things are going well in Vermont!


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