Luka Art

When I got to my son’s house last night, my grandson Luka (aged 5) was working on a secret project.

“Don’t look, Bunny Beth, don’t look.”

I closed my eyes, and about an hour later, Luka presented me with this picture (click for more detail).

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  1. Now this is the issue when looking at children’s pictures. You never want to offoend them by trying to interpret their creative efforts. Now is that mommy, daddy, a baby and him?I did interpret it another way but not sure. Anyway, what a gorgeous boy and how lucky you are to have him drawing you pictures!Oh by the way were you demonstrating again?? If so, I applaud you Gran!!


  2. About the picture, I forgot to mention it I guess. Luka told me this was his experience, as a super hero, “when I was little and fighting bad guys.”And no, I wasn’t demonstrating today–just an onlooker 🙂Thanks, Lilly.


  3. It’s cute when little ones present us with drawings… lovely to get a glimpse of what they think about!


  4. And he worked on it really hard, Lady Banana!


  5. I am glad he is interested in art,he might grow to be a great artist,tell Luka he done a great job gran.I have been off a few days, high speed kind of messed up it working good now though.


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