My first p.j. day of 2009

Tomorrow is my first p.j. day of the new year.

I’m staying inside all day in my p.j.’s.

I’m going to sleep late (I stayed in bed until 8:50 a.m. this morning, woot), drink my 2.3 cups of high test coffee, and then do absolutely nothing for the rest of the day.

I will watch more movies (to be announced), read and comment on blogs, and cook something yummy for dinner.

But that’s it, folks!

I got my hair cut today and bought some groceries.

It was so cold in Seattle today, I just could not wait to get home.

But hey–no snow, not even rain.

It was a nice restful day.

On to Sunday!

Take care, my friends.

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  1. Sometimes they are the best days, but I usually feel (un-necessarily)guilty about doing it…


  2. Lady B., I’m reveling in it! I’ve felt guilty in the past, not so much today. I’ve been pretty busy for the last month or so. Have a great Sunday.


  3. who doesn’t like to just nestle into to comfy jammies? 🙂


  4. I’m being self-indulgent today, Muse, and it feels great!


  5. Even though I’m now retired, I love taking PJ days. They recharge my engine. No guilt allowed.It’s cold here in CT, so I’m going to make a 15 bean soup in the crockpot tomorrow.


  6. Your soup sounds yummy, Dakota Bear. Stay warm.And I’m ready to go back to work tomorrow, after a restful weekend.


  7. You go, girl!I spend many a day in my pj’s, although one of my resolutions this year is to actually get dressed once in awhile! Ha!Jlo


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