Getting out of the house

I’m just up after a nice long sleep.

And I’m going to celebrate Saturday by getting out of the house!


I’m off to the city of Seattle to get my hair cut and do some shopping.

And I’m going to take my camera with me.

More later!


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  1. Oh good! Im going to Calcutta on Monday Gran, and I’ll take my camera too :))


  2. Happy New Year/New Job/New hair do/New Buys, Gran!


  3. Grandpa, thanks πŸ™‚ It’s cold in Seattle today.


  4. Braja, I look forward to seeing your Calcutta pictures. It’s so cold in Seattle today, I never took my camera out of my purse. I just wanted to get home and warm up! Im a wuss, it’s true πŸ™‚


  5. That is cold,but hopefully you got warmed back up. You will get a chance to use that camera a lot, when it gets a little warmer and don’t freeze your hands.


  6. I sure hope so, Floyd. We may get a little more snow tonight and tomorrow. WHA.


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