Cabin fever, ice, and garbage

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Forty degrees and rain.

I love it.

My street is almost completely clear of snow and ice.

The garbage guys did not make it today.

Maybe tomorrow.

The best news is that the sidewalks are clear, mostly, so getting to work (and home) tomorrow shouldn’t be too bad.

It was so difficult getting to and from work for the last ten days. It’s been bitter cold, slippery, etc.

I’ve gotten so spoiled, living in Seattle since 2000, because we have so few ice and snow storms. I’ve taken for granted the ability to come and go as I please, and this stretch of bad weather has been really hard for me to handle.

We are expected to get rain mixed with snow throughout the week, but trace accumulation.

Let’s hope so!

I wish you all a wonderful Monday.


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  1. i am hoping with you!


  2. Thanks, and same to you, PakKaramu.


  3. If you celebrate New Years, Pak.


  4. Glad to hear you seemed to have made it through the storm, keep warm.


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