See me do my exercise

I’m feeling rather smug and superior this evening, because I got lots of walking in today.

And yesterday.

I feel great!

But I’m also a little sore, so I’ve used some arthritis cream on my knees.

And tomorrow is Friday, which is absolutely wonderful.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. Good for you Gran – personally you can brag all you like because I hate exercise so I would be singing from the roof tops if it was me. I did do lots of walking while I was away but alas I also did lost of drinking as well. Cocktails not water…unfortunately.


  2. My doctor’s been pushing me hard to get more exercise, and I’m finally listening, Lilly. I do feel better! I’m going to have a cocktail tomorrow night, to celebrate!


  3. I love walking, Gran, and I’m just about out the door on my first walk of the season now…season means, it’s winterish kinda weather, the lovely cool crisp walking kind of weather. I’m taking my camera and might do a Scenic Sunday post on the weekend….alas, no cocktail bars to celebrate my walk-out in. And speaking of walking, I’m going to add a little walking gift for you tomorrow…yeah. And for Lilly: it might inspire you to walk out πŸ™‚


  4. Thanks, Braja. I’ve got my camera out of the box! It’s cool!


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