Camera update

The camera is out of the box!

I will charge the battery tomorrow night after work.

It’s a beauty, and I’m going to take lots of pictures this weekend.

Photo credit.

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  1. look forward to seeing some snaps Have a top weekendcheers


  2. Can’t wait for you to share your photos with us. Enjoy your weekend.


  3. Enjoy your new camera. I have a very small Pentax that fits in my purse, so I take it with me everywhere and take picture all the time.


  4. @ Phils Phun: hope your weekend goes well also.@Grandpa: I’m charging my battery–the camer one too!@Braja–double woot!@Dakota Bear, that’s a great idea! Thanks.


  5. WOW that is great news. so happy for you. take it everywhere you go. I don’t think I ever leave home without mine and take at least one pic a day.. I LOVE IT.. when Mine wears out I will be looking for a new one. Sorry I been AWOL messing with MSN and all the crazy changes over there.. : )


  6. Thanks, Caroldee. I’m excited about getting started taking pictures! And don’t worry, I know you have been busy. Have a great weekend.


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