Traveling back in time

You asked for it, Rene, and you got it.

Rene’s comment was:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if our old transistor radios could transport us for a little bit to a special place and time in our lives? Where would you go?”

I asked myself this question during my lunch break today, and there can only be one answer.

I would go back to the time and place, known only to me, when I kicked an abusive person out of my life.


It was, for me, a golden moment, a time of great personal power for me, a moment when I screamed “[insert swear words here] …with me and pay the price, mother ^%&*().”


Warrior Woman.

Here’s the really interesting part of this little story, folks.

Telling this person to hit the road gave my self esteem such a lift, that everything since that little drama has been coming up roses for me.

The magic just keeps unfolding for me, day after day.

So, thanks to Rene, whenever I drift into despair and question my abilities, I’m going to take out my transistor radio and travel back to that time when I told this person to get permanently gone from my life.

Thanks, Rene.

You are a miracle.

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  1. Gran, you are the miracle. You had all the pieces to the puzzle. I just helped you put one particular piece in. You did the rest.Peace – Rene


  2. Thanks, Rene! Hugs to you.


  3. This post made me want to cheer!You really are remarkable.hazel.


  4. Hazel, thank you so much!


  5. Well done, Gran πŸ™‚


  6. Sounds like when you did this your life improved dramatically for the better,hats off to ya lady.


  7. Gran,You are fabulous! Kudos to you.Cheers,JB


  8. Thanks JB! I appreciate your comment.


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