Sunday morning

I snapped this picture with my cell phone this morning.

It was a very cold night, in the thirties, and it’s currently struggling to reach 40 degrees.

You can see a bit of fog in the photo, to the right, and we have a bit of sun.

Amazingly, it’s supposed to stay dry almost all week, which is great news for people traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m going away, but only as far as north Seattle!

I will spending the holiday with my family, thank goodness.

Thank you, God, for making this a great year.

Last year at this time, I was drowning in despair.

I’m off to cook and consume some breakfast (pancakes, I think).

More later–I’m not leaving for my holiday until Wednesday after work.


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  1. Nice photo gran,and cold is going around it has reached the teens here now. Glad to hear you getting ready for the holidays and that this year you will be much happier.


  2. Floyd, I don’t know if I could handle temperatures in the teens anymore. Stay warm and well ,my friend.


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