Reading choices

I’ve been dealing with illness, sadness, depression and anxiety all day.

Not mine, thank goodness.

I’m ready to read, but which book do I choose?

I should read Macbeth, and then I will truly understand a wonderful work of literature.

But I’m choosing the new J.D. Robb book, Salvation in Death, because it’s pure fun!

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  1. Salvation in Death – is pure fun. Gran I will need a further explanation on this please. LOL


  2. Ha! It’s what my dear (now deceased) friend Mary D used to call “popcorn” fiction. The main character in this book is Eve Dallas, an NYC homicide detective in the year 2053 (~). She’s got a hot rich husband and she finds killers. And she’s got some cool friends. More later! Boss coming!


  3. So Lilly. I’m home now, well fed, drinking my peppermint tea. Sometimes, I need to read a book that allows me to enjoy the story, and not have to look for any hidden messages, worry what the theme is, etc.It is what it is, just like I like to watch Disney movies sometimes. So sorry I didn’t explain myself properly last night!


  4. Here to give you hugs and cheers!Feeling better?


  5. I’m feeling great, eastcoast! Thanks a lot for stopping by!


  6. Oh dear, I am still reading the same book from September! Get me off these blogs!My day’s are filled with similar as yours being in a GP surgery.. you just gotta leave it behind at the door!


  7. Lady Banana, you said a mouthful! So true.


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