arth-i-ri-tis and aging

That’s what a maternal aunt used to call it, and now it’s what I call this ache in my bones.

I was diagnosed with arth-i-ri-tis in 2005, when my doctor looked at an x-ray of my knees and declared I had great knees for a 200 year-old woman.


I felt sorry for myself for along time (about 13 months), then decided to just suck it up and take care of myself.

Shite happens, especially as we age.

To care properly for myself, I’ve learned three things:

–No matter what, keep moving, even through the pain. Foe me, the pain is worse when I don’t walk, climb stairs, and get adequate exercise.
–My heating pad is my friend when it’s cold and damp.
–I’m getting older, there’s no way out of it, so keep laughing. Crying does not help, and in fact makes this situation worse.

Right now, my heating pad is on and my back is whispering, thank you, thank you.

You are welcome, back.

We need to take care of each other.

So now this aging, arthritic woman is going to get up and walk around.


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  1. I urts. Sorry. But it sounds as if you are doing the right thing. Feel better.


  2. Not the best part of getting older that’s for sure.. keep warm and take care!


  3. @Grandpa, thanks, it’s doing fine right now. Now I know why so many elerly people move to Arizona and Florida–heat helps!@Lady Banana, I’m doing well. Thanks.


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