Turning my clocks back tonight

It’s a cold and wet day in Seattle.

The grand kids scored big candy bars last night, and are home happily munching away.

I’m in my home, all snuggled in with my bathrobe and fleece blanket.

A steaming cup of tea is keeping my innards warm, and I’m listening to gentle music, thanks to digital cable.


I had my creatin and potassium levels checked yesterday (those are fine).

The results of the ECHO (Did I have a heart attack?) have not been released yet. I see my doctor later this month, and I’m assuming that no news will be good news.


I was thinking today about my life, how much happier I am now, as compared to last year at this time. I took care of some financial problems, my family moved back into the area, and I’m working hard to be healthier.

Most importantly, I finally took the time to deal with the losses of the past ten years.

How did I do this? In my case, I refused to be responsible for anybody’s problems but my own. I got lots of sleep, took long walks, read books, and allowed myself to feel my feelings. There were some dark days, when I was dealing with the jumbled mass of feelings taking up space within my heart and soul.

And then one day, I took time to acknowledge that I felt better.

So, here I sit on this night that we turn the clocks back, feeling proud that I “made it through the rain” (with thanks to Barry Manilow), and thankful to be where I am right now.

Have a great Saturday night, my friends, and I hope you all get a good rest on this long night.

More tomorrow.

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  1. That was a great post. A hearfelt post. Gosh sometimes I wish we could really say what our lives have been like without people being judgemental. No matter what you have been through you have a wonderful soul and have come through knowing what the important things are. I had a horrible horrible relationship the impact of which I find hard to deal with still two years later. You have really good advice. Thanks for the reminder. It’s not easy looking forward sometimes but when you get to a point where you feel good it sure feels fine. Good on you truly!! And its even better your family is close by – means a lot.


  2. Thanks, Lilly. I did not plan this post, it just kind of popped out, i guess! Thanks for your wonderful comments. I was finally ready to face it all, I guess. Have a great Sunday, and thanks again.


  3. p.s. Lilly, hugs to you about that awful relationship. Take care of yourself. I think you are a warm and talented woman, and I believe in my heart that we all know what’s best for ourselves. The trick is listening to what we know is best for us–that’s my whacked out opinion, anyway.


  4. Glad you are happier now. I’m happy for you when I heard your family’s coming back. I hope I could take a grip of my life and live happily…. before it’s too late. 🙂


  5. Thanks,eastcoast.There’s an old saying, “too late schmart.” I think it’s part of the human condition, that we all must go through, to have at least a bit of “too late schmart.”I was, and am, loaded with it 🙂Part of the journey, I think, that we figure things out as we get older.You will do it, eastcoast, you are one determined lady.Take care, my friend.


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