Saturday thoughts


Have you ever read over a blog post and realized it stinks?

Well, this one stinks really bad, because it’s too stilted, awkward, etc.

So let me try to make this into a blog post written by a blogger, and not a robot.

I love Saturday almost as much as I love my grandchildren.

It’s a day to take life a little slower, to enjoy drinking my cup of coffee, to watch the news, listen to music, and just take out some time to relax.

My groceries will be delivered soon! I love having my groceries delivered because it makes me feel like Mrs. John Jacob Astor.

I’m working hard on getting over this cold, and I plan on taking a little walk later this afternoon. It’s not supposed to rain today, and I’m looking forward to being out in the sunshine.

I’m also going to make beef barley soup in my little crockpot.

Here’s a shot of a tree in my neighbor’s back yard. I snapped this shot with my cell phone, through my bedroom window.

May you all have a great Saturday!

Better post, Beth.

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  1. that soup is making me hugary and all I have now is a coffee and doughnut.I hope you have a great weekend, nice pic you know fall is well in the air.


  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better now..The tree looks just like it could be over here, it’s very autumnal now, and tonight we put the clocks back… dark early evenings now 😦


  3. Floyd, I’m jealous because I’m trying to give up donuts! Have a great weekend, my friend.


  4. Lady Banana, I think our clocks get turned back next weekend. It’s cool here today, but the sun is gorgeous. For sure, I’m going out for a walk this afternoon.Have a good Saturday.


  5. The sky does look clear and blue in the photo of the tree – hope you enjoyed your walk. My favourite part of the weekend is lying in on Sundays. Just love Sundays.That soup sounds delicious too – what goes in it? Er besides beef and barley that is. I personally LOVE barley! Comfort food I guess.Do you do your grocery shopping by the internet – only way to go to get them delivered. Grocery shopping is a pain in the neck – I hate crowds and queues. I avoid them if I can unless starving.Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and you recover from your cold.


  6. I do order my groceries on the internet, Lilly! It’s very efficient.I put in some beef stock, can of diced tomatoes, garlic, celery, and carrots.Using a 2 quart crockpot is a new experience; I’m the kind of cook that just keeps throwing stuff in, but I ran out of room.I had a great walk; I ended up going to the store, because Safeway was out of stew beef. Bummer! But it got me out of the house!Have a good lie in tomorrow.


  7. Hello, Have a nice weekend!


  8. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Ellen. You have a cool blog.


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