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Wife accused of pouring boiling water on husband’s groin – Top Stories – Bradenton.com

Wife accused of pouring boiling water on husband's groin – Top Stories – Bradenton.com

Thanks to Bill Crider’s Pop Culture Magazine for this link.

Folks, I’m a great believer that living well is the best revenge.

I’ve watched it happen in my own life, especially in the past year.

If your husband, wife, girlfriend, WHATEVER, is doing the wild thing with someone else, give them the playing room they crave by cutting them loose.

Here are just a few of my suggestions:

-Get a lawyer and sue for divorce
-If not married, get away from this loser as fast as possible
-Never speak to the moron again
-Lick your wounds, cry your tears, and find someone who appreciates you and doesn’t cheat on or abuse you
-Buy a red dress (or a snazzy suit, whatever your fashion bent happens to be), kick up your heels, and enjoy life

But don’t physically hurt the person.

Daydreaming about cutting his wee-wee off, or laughing with glee when considering the social diseases your beloved may catch by doing the horizontal bop with multiple partners, is acceptable (after you’ve left ‘the neighborhood,’ if you get my drift).

Then let go of those vengeful fantasies and move on with your life.

Trust me, life is already damaging this person in ways you cannot even imagine.

Get as far away from him/her as you can, and in the words of Auntie Mame, LIVE! LIVE LIVE!

Harder to do when there are children involved, I know, but it can be done.

Don’t risk going to jail for someone who has betrayed your trust.

I’ll get off my soapbox now.

But live well, that’s the best revenge.

And let me say just one more thing: OUCH!

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My favorite childhood stuffed animal

I’ve been tagged by DeboHobo.com.

Are you kidding, Debo?

Do you know how old I am [snort]?

I’ll spare you my lame jokes about being in grade school during the Mesolithic period.

Sadly, my favorite bear, which looked like the little Jasper below, met an untimely end about forty years ago.

But thanks to the internet, I can share a picture with you. Photo credit.

I’m tagging one blogger, Lady Banana in the U.K., since she is the only blogger I know who will complete a meme.

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