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The number is 22

I have a nice doctor.

Besides giving me medication for high blood pressure, he wants me to lose 22 pounds.


Here I go:


And I need to watch my “hunny” intake!

I’m also cutting back to one cup of coffee a day.

And limiting my salt, of course. That’s not too tough, but sometimes I crave potato chips. I’ll have to watch that.

I have a really bad sweet tooth, and I need to watch myself. Along with the other members of my team, I’ve been eating lots of candy at work, and I will have to stay away from C’s candy dish.

And I do need to increase my exercise.

Wish me well!

And by the way, have a great Sunday.

Now, back to my quest to lose that 22.

Blog Action Day reminder-October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty from Blog Action Day on Vimeo.

With thanks to Georganna at A Writer’s Edge

Comment moderation

At least for now, I’m enabling comment moderation on this blog.

My teeth are chattering

It’s very cold in Seattle.

There’s no rain, but it’s expected to be about 37 degrees tonight.

I went out to Walmart today and picked up my new compact fridge, brought it home, then bought groceries.

Walmart was filled with harried shoppers today, buying household goods like crazy. I’ve never seen so much toilet paper in my life!

There were no stock workers to help me load my fridge in the car, so I did it myself.

This old gal may be getting older, but she’s still got the oomph when she needs it!

Happy Saturday night to all.

I’m about to pop “The Passion of the Christ” into my laptop DVD player. I’ve never seen it before.

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