Cleaning and book day

I’m feeling better today, which is good because it’s back to work for me tomorrow.

Today I’m doing my laundry and cleaning, to restore order to myself and my surroundings.

I like to start the work week clean and orderly, so I can come home from work at night and relax.

Today I pulled out all of my books (the ones that are not in storage), dusted and rearranged them back on their shelves.

Except for “200 Years of Great American Short Stories,” Edited by Martha Foley and published in 1975.

What a treasure!

Fifty-four stories, starting with “A Pretty Story,” by Frances Hopkinson (1774) and ending with Leslie Silko’s “Yellow Woman”(1974).

I bought the book from eBay for one story, “Silent Snow, Secret Snow,” by
Conrad Aiken (1934), about a boy retreating into a catatonic state.

I’m such a child of the television age, because I learned about Aiken’s story by watching the television adaptation on The Twilight Zone in 1971.

Sorry, that’s Night Gallery, not The Twilight Zone.

The episode was narrated by Orson Welles, and I knew that I had to find a copy of Conrad Aiken’s story. I read the story years ago, thanks to my local public library, then remembered it a few years ago and bought Foley’s short story collection.

That’s all the rambling I can do for today folks, because I need to get back to my work.

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  1. Gran, the book of short stories sounds something I would enjoy. Glad you are feeling better. ITs kindof asthma weather here to being Spring – my poor daughter has it on both sides of her family so she has had it from childhood. I am the same in terms of being organised for the following week too otherwise, if not, it seems like you are playing catch up all week.Yes, I know what you mean about great men as well – I just seem to have chosen badly on a personal level. I am a slow learner but now I know about the twigs, who knows. Thanks for commenting on my blog I appreciate your visit and you wonderful sense of humor. We all need to laugh a lot more in these uncertain times.


  2. Lilly, thanks so much for your comments! Your humor has helped bring mine out as well!Sorry to hear about your daughter and her asthma–I have to get used to the change in seasons between Seattle and Australia, as we are in the clutches of fall right now!And, as for choosing badly, I’m with you on that one 🙂Take care, and thanks for your comments.


  3. Lilly, there are some really good stories in this book!


  4. I haven’t been reading books lately, too busy with work and ailing in-laws.An avid reader like you, I’m sure you have lots of books. Wonder how you store them… Short stories sounds better when I have little time. 🙂


  5. You do sound busy, eastcoast. I have about 6 boxes of books in storage, and I need to go through them and either give them away or sell them. Too many.The ones I have with me I keep on a shelving unit in my apartment. Short stories are kind of fun. Stay well, my friend.


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