Rigatoni feast

Will I ever learn how to cook smaller portions?

I’m cooking for one now, after all.

And since I’ve lost some weight in the past few years, I cannot consume as much food as I used to, not in one sitting anyway!

My goal today was to make enough rigatoni with ground beef, Italian sausage, and zucchini for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Folks, I’m going to be eating flipping rigatoni all week!

The picture above was taken with my cell phone.

By the way, the rigatoni is really good!

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  1. looks great, I use the cell quite a bit that way over at Kentucky home I got some pics of the chicken festival using the cell phone.It is hard to cook small portions of good food, so I gave up.


  2. I just can’t get small portions, Floyd.


  3. That was a lot of food, did you finish it yet? I also need to get used to cooking less now my 3 kids are not here..


  4. Oh no, Lady Banana, it’s not finished yet 🙂 I will ave it for lunch today, and probably finish it up over the weekend. Maybe 🙂


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