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Tina Fey does it again

Lorne Michaels, welcome to Nielsen nirvana.

Sarah Palin, Tina Fey on SNL


OMG, Tina Fey is a riot!

The art of journaling as you travel – CNN.com

The art of journaling as you travel – CNN.com.

Travel guru Rick Steves offers readers some tips about keeping a travel journal.

Mr. Steves writes:

The key to good journaling is being both observant and disciplined. Take the time to notice what you’re experiencing and then to jot down your thoughts. I use a tiny pocket-sized notepad to capture the moment right there. Then, when I have time, I pull out my actual journal, sort through those notes, and organize them into something vivid and fun to read.

This is a short article but kind of interesting, I think.

I’m going to try keeping a travel journal the next time I hit the road.

Maybe next year, unless I get lucky again and work asks me to travel!

TTFN, and happy Monday.

My new chair

It’s new to me, folks.

A colleague gave me this chair last month, it’s a real sweet chair that reclines and rocks.

I’m also very happy that I can finally upload photos from my cell phone camera to my email accounts.

Happy Monday to all!

Rigatoni feast

Will I ever learn how to cook smaller portions?

I’m cooking for one now, after all.

And since I’ve lost some weight in the past few years, I cannot consume as much food as I used to, not in one sitting anyway!

My goal today was to make enough rigatoni with ground beef, Italian sausage, and zucchini for dinner tonight and lunch tomorrow.

Folks, I’m going to be eating flipping rigatoni all week!

The picture above was taken with my cell phone.

By the way, the rigatoni is really good!

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