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My favorite blogs

It’s a cold week in Seattle, and Gran’s (aka me) arthritis is giving her some discomfort.

So it’s time to see what the bloggers are writing about this week.

Are you ready?

Let’s hit it, then:

Lady Banana in the U.K. is, well, playing with her new kitty (Lady Banana puts it a bit more flirtatiously than I have).

eastcoastlife gives us a history lesson, “The Deadly Finger Pointing.”

Georganna at A Writer’s Edge has a neat post about Ping.fm. Read her article and learn how to update [most] of your social bookmarks at once.

I’ve been a Robert B. Parker fans for more years than I would like to admit. Parker blogs about his latest Spenser book, coming out in October, and the movie version of his book Appaloosa. Totally cool.

You simply MUST go over to Lilly’s Life and read her post ‘Here’s the Deal.’ What. A. Riot.

Over at momma wannabe, you can see a photo of the world’s leggiest woman and the world’s smallest man–in the same photo. Very sweet.

That Grrl doodles about greed.

At BlogHer, sassymonkey writes about the suicide of L.M. Montgomery (the Anne of Green Gables author). Depression can be a killer, folks.

That’s it for tonight, my friends.


It’s cold

I’m sitting in my rocker/recliner, wearing my winter bathrobe.

Thanks to Rhapsody, George Winston is belting out ‘January Stars,’ and I’m enjoying a steaming cup of Stash Wild Raspberry herbal tea.

And I’ve got my heating pad turned up to high, because it’s a bad arthritis week for my back and knees.

Last night, I started watching the “Heroes” pre-show, and I was all fired up to watch the new episodes.

And I fell asleep!

I don’t have much to offer so far this week, not yet anyway.

Friday night I’m off to my son’s house to have a sleepover with the grandees, and I’m always excited about that prospect. My son and daughter-in-law are going out for a few hours, and I get to have fun with the little jaspers.

Anyway, I’m off to read, and comment on, your wonderful blogs.


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