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B.’s reading marathon update

I’ve reached the halfway point of Palace Council (509 pages), and I’m finding it a challenge.

There is lots of detail, and a cast that reads like a Who’s Who of politics and power in the 1950s-1960s.

J. Edgar Hoover, Joseph, Bobby, and Jack Kennedy, Langston Hughes to name a few.

The hero is wading through bits of information and confusing clues, exposing himself to dangerous people who will do anything to protect their power.

I’m still enjoying the book, but it’s a story that I have to think about, try to digest a bit slower than I’m used to.

Unfortunately, I have to hit the pavement soon and get myself to work.

I hope you all have a great Monday, and enjoy the first day of fall.

Fall officially reaches Seattle at ~8:44 p.m.


Another weekend over, fall arrives, back to work…

I defrosted my refrigerator today and went to the store to buy groceries.

That’s about it.

Well, I made a tuna casserole.

I’ve been watching the Red Carpet Live on E! because the Emmy Awards are on tonight. I live on the west coast, so I’m checking CNN to see who won.

I have answered some burning questions for myself, though:

Okay, one question.

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday and I need to go back to work.

I want to wish you all a wonderful first day of fall.

p.s., Heroes premieres tomorrow night. Please, please be better than last year, okay?

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