Thanks to my brilliant child (he’s the father of 6), I’m back on The Internet.

Wireless rocks.

I was a trifle grumpy Friday night when I couldn’t get my computer to work!

Thank goodness I spent two days with the grand kiddo’s–they’ve got three computers and a wireless system that rocks.

I had a great time, but I learned something astounding: Four growing hungry children can put away food like, well, 4 hungry children!

We had a great time, and I think that I was able to help my son through a busy time–his wife is at the Toronto Film Festival, coming home Friday.

But now I’m tired.

I’m going to snuggle into bed with my nice clean sheets and sleep the night away.

Last night, I slept with a Jack Russell terrier cuddled up to my back–my son and grand kids aren’t the only one missing my daughter-in-law.


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  1. Hello friend glad you made it back online, glad you spent some time with the grands, sounds like you are in a pretty good mood now, happy Monday,,Floyd.


  2. Happy Monday, B! I feel your computer pain – I’ve got enough ‘puter savvy to be dangerous and hate when I can’t get online or things don’t go according to plan. Pppsssttt any clue why my Adobe prints in “stupid” font? I don’t think it’s a language at all. Anyway…have a good week.


  3. Floyd, thanks. I’m addicted, I guess, to my computer and the internet.


  4. I feel your pain on the Adobe font, Fran. With all of the upgrades to adobe, I just don’t get it. Have a good week.


  5. p.s. Fran, are you coming back to Seattle anytime soon? If you are, let’s do coffee or lunch.


  6. HI.. glad you are back in business. Kids astound me the amount they can pack away. I guess all that growing makes ya hungry!! Have a great week. : )


  7. Thanks, Carol! you too!


  8. No immediate Seattle plans, Beth but there is still work in the pipeline. I’ll keep you informed…;-D Yeah, I’d like to get together again.


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