How often do you Twitter?


This is NOT a shameless attempt to blow my blog stats out of the water.

This aging, inquiring mind simply wants to know:

Do you Twitter?

And, if you do Twitter, how often?

My life is boring, by design, and I really don’t have a lot to Twitter about.

For a few weeks I was Twittering 2-3 times daily, and put myself to sleep!

So–how often do you Twitter?

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  1. I use the twit this button a lot when I find stuff on the web that is interesting,I have even went back and found stuff that I have twitted,you know me B,I twit quite a bit.


  2. Hey B. try this link I am using firefox 3.0

    On my reason blog scroll down to my Google shared items and you will find at least a couple good ones there,office black 2007 and jet fox aqua,both look great I am using jet fox now,looks like a Mac but has color bookmarks bar is an aqua blue.


  3. I AM NOT A TWIT.. hheheh.. DON’T DO IT EITHER.. :8


  4. I tweet whenever I feel the need to say something – profound or not. Snort . I guess I average under 10 times a week


  5. I just started Twittering a few weeks ago, and I’m already a slacker. 😉 I think I’m posting three or four times a week. I’m not very good at social media stuff. Too much “social” in it. Go introverts!


  6. I go through phases of completely overdoing it and then down to a couple of times a week.. My life isn’t very interesting but I sometimes like to share the mundane anyway, not that anyone gives a fig anyway…lol


  7. Wow, everybody, thanks for your participation! Floyd, I will check out the link.


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