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On turning 59 years old in two days

I was in a meeting today with my supervisor and a coworker.

My supervisor talked about finding joy in one’s work, and I started thinking about my newfound joy with life.

After a long stretch of tough times in my life, and one year of hard grieving, I’m finding joy in life once again.

Have I ever truly enjoyed life as I do now?

I don’t think so.

I think it’s the hard times that make or break us, you know what I mean?

Maybe you don’t, and it’s just the ramblings of a woman turning 59 years old in two days.

But I don’t think so; I think the hard times have toughened me, but also allowed me to see the good in my life, the good that’s yet to come.

My task, these days, is to open up the patio doors and let joy into my life every chance I get.

So, in two days, I will welcome 59 years of age. In four days, I will blow out a LOT of candles as my family surrounds me, my grandchildren clapping and squealing with delight.

As I surround myself with family, I will feel the presence of my mom and dad, far away yet still close by me every day.

I will rejoice, for I know that I am loved, and have been loved.

Turning 59 years old in two days.

Schwarzenegger and Shriver splitting up

Wednesday thoughts « B.Burcroff

Wednesday thoughts « B.Burcroff
Boy, I’m lazy!
Happy Thursday, my friends.

Mason Williams-Classical Gas

Wednesday thoughts

Hump day.


I’m listening (with headphones) to a Rhapsody station called Healing Winds, and it’s making me sleepy.

But hey, I’m relaxed, right?

Yeah, I’m so relaxed that I forgot what I was going to blog about.

Well, here goes…

  • It’s a beautifully cool week in Seattle, a little rain and sunshine mixed in with the clouds.
  • My family is having a birthday party for me this Sunday.
  • On Saturday, I plan to make myself eggplant Parmesan–is this how it’s spelled? I’m too lazy to check; bad sign.
  • I’m freaked out by this story about a dead 61 year-old woman being found in a Delta Airlines toilet. I freak out when I have to go to the bathroom on an airplane. I fear crashing while on the toilet, or somehow falling through the bottom of the airplane when I flush.  I can just imagine my family telling the story, Yes, my mother WAS on the crapper when her plane crashed, and yes, she will be cremated with the toilet, as it was impossible to separate them. My mother, and the toilet, became one upon impact.

I’m sorry; I mean no disrespect to the poor woman found dead in the Delta airlines toilet.

Or her family.

It’s just been a fear of mine, being in airline toilets, and when I’m scared I tend to be sarcastic.

Anyhoo, I hope you all have a great Thursday.


    Blogging America

    Blogging America is one of three (3) blogs written by my blogging buddy Floyd.

    You will be introduced to Floyd’s blogs alphabetically, because it pleases me to do so!


    Anyway, stop by Blogging America and let Floyd know that B./Gran/Beth sent you.



    AND SO IT GOES ON © Blog


    Caroldee is one of my oldest blogging friends; she started commenting on my blog in 2005, I think.

    Maybe 2006; I can’t remember.

    Caroldee is a compassionate person, a great blogger, and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

    The link above is her SPACES blog, and this WordPress And So It Goes On blog is her back up for when SPACES behaves badly.

    Anyway, she’s my friend and I hope you check out her blog(s).


    It’s my birthday this Friday, and I’m getting older.

    That means I get tired more easily than I used to, and lazy to boot.

    So–using Windows Live Writer, I’m going to highlight one of my favorite blogs each every day, until I get through them all.

    eastcoastlife is, as I wrote earlier, a sassy blogger from Singapore, and a good friend.

    And she cracks me up.

    Check her out.

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    Too much weekend

    myspace layout images

    myspace layout

    I had too much fun over the weekend.

    My butt was dragging all day.

    Tonight, it’s book city for me and an early night.


    Another weekend bites the big one

    Jeeze Louise, I had a great weekend.

    I tooled around Seattle in a Honda Civic rental car, spent time with the grand kids, ate some great food, and watched a really cute movie tonight (The Bucket List).

    Oh yeah, I also slept in until 9:30 am this morning!

    And I bought some new clothes for work!

    I packed a lot into my weekend, and I feel raring to go tomorrow.

    May you all have a wonderful day.


    Spammers beware!

    I hate spam.

    And I detest spammers.

    Some lady from Pittsburgh spammed me on Twitter other day, and I blocked her.

    And lately, I’ve been getting lots of spam on Gmail, with “update your penis” in the subject line.

    On Hotmail, I’ve been getting spam from ^&*()%$##@@@@@@!!!@#@^&*(().

    And this morning, I got a junk email from “Evelyn Anthony,” with “hi” in the subject line.

    Goodbye, as in automatic delete.

    So don’t waste your time, dear spammers.

    Using Windows Live Writer

    Thanks to Floyd at Blogging America and Within Reason for this idea.

    I’m posting with Windows Live Writer, and it’s very easy.

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